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My first international workshop in Dublin. 

As the daughter of a magician, I love an audience. I’ve also have a voice that was made for presentations. My fierce love for presenting rivals my love for all things international education.

In the past year I’ve entertained diverse audiences while delivering thought-provoking content. I believe we could all use a little less PowerPoint at conferences so I keep slides to a minimum. My workshops are fast-paced and interactive.

Here’s a sample of my recent workshops:

  • Women in Travel Summit 2015 and 2016; NAFSA 2015
    • Networking without Pants, teaching how to have quality conversations online and in person ending with a kick ass pitch session at the end
  • MBACSEA Europe and Global Conferences 2016
    • Beyond Webinars: Designing Virtual Workshops for Engagement, Teaching professionals how to go beyond boring webinars and create interactive learning sessions online
  • Yale SOM Alumni Reunion Weekend 2015 and 2016
    • LinkedIn for a Lifetime; Teaching audiences how to get beyond profiles and stand out as bad ass thought leaders online

Here’s what I’m offering for 2016:

Networking without Pants: (Most popular). A twist on traditional networking workshops that teaches participants how to create quality, engaging conversations at events. This workshop is a perfect kick off for the start of a conference or event.

Choose Your Own Adventure A fast-paced talk that challenges common career narratives by bringing together themes from travel, the future of work, and insights from interviews with professional millennials.

Beyond Likes: Social Media for Your Career An interactive workshop using LinkedIn and Twitter to teach students and professionals how to integrate these tools into their job search, networking and/or business development strategy. This workshop can be customized for undergraduates, MBAs, Yale alumni, and university staff.

See what people say about my Networking without Pants workshop:

Interested in learning more or customizing a workshop? Contact me at pdxnicolle (at) gmail (dot) com or on Twitter at @pdxnicolle. Here’s a sample of the customized workshop I delivered to Connecticut Association of Healthcare Executives Women’s Forum.

And the feedback:


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