Please read carefully before emailing.


How long are coaching sessions? 

It depends. Each session length is posted on the subject page.

Do you have weekend and night times? 

Most sessions are available during 5pm – 9pm EST.

What if my schedule changes/I change my mind about signing up for a coaching session?

If you are unable to commit, send an email immediately to pdxnicolle (at) gmail (dot) com to reschedule. Be sure to include another time that works with you. Please remember, sessions are not refundable. Do not pay for a session if you can not commit to it.


What happens if we can’t connect or reconnect due to tech failure during a session? 

During the session I will attempt a reconnection but failures happen. If a call is dropped, we will find a time to reschedule.

How do I pay for a coaching session?

By credit card or debit. Once you schedule a meeting I will send you an invoice with a payment link to PayPal.

Can I get a refund because I changed my mind/missed the session/got sick? 

No. If you miss a coaching or have an emergency I will make every attempt to reschedule the coaching appointment but sessions are non-refundable.

Can my friend join me on the hangout? 

No. If your friend has not signed up and paid they may not join. Adding another person to the call will result in termination with no refund.

Class communication

Why so many emails? Don’t you talk on the phone? 

Email is the easiest way for me to stay organized. These are the emails you will receive from me:

  1. Confirmation of coaching session date and time
  2. Invoice for payment
  3. Confirmation of payment and background questionnaire
  4. 24- hour reminder about class with invite to Google Hangouts (or Skype)
  5. Resources, follow-up emails and feedback survey

Your response helps ensure you get a tailored service designed to fit your specific academic and career goals.

What is the background questionnaire? 

The questionnaire helps me tailor the session based on your experience and goals. You’ll receive this after payment is received. It is due 24 hours before the start of the session.

Do I have to fill it out? 

No but the more information you share about your education, academic and career goals, and country of origin, the better I can advise you.

My English is not very good. Will that be a problem? 

It depends. I work with ESL students and try to limit my use of slang and speak clearly. I encourage you to ask questions if you don’t understand a phrase or concept. The sessions assume that you can read, write and speak English well enough to communicate with me by email and during the coaching appointment.

What resources do you provide after class? 

It depends on the course. Every participant receives an outline of the subjects with key concepts to remember. I also include a list of resources tol help you in the future. All resources are sent via Google Docs.


Can you get me a job? 

No. 🙂 But I can teach you the tools to help you find a job, do well in interviews, pitch a new idea to your boss or defend your thesis,  and make you look good when a future employer Googles you.

Do you know what companies hire international students?

No.  Occasionally I find jobs and I share them on Twitter or LinkedIn.

I don’t want to work in the US. Why should I take your classes? 

If your goal isn’t to get hired in the US, the sessions will still compliment your academic experience in the US All classes offer strategies and tips that help build confidence and improve your English communication skills.

Can I be your friend on Facebook? 

No, but you can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Do you do workshops in person?

Yes. Any of the subjects offered can be delivered as a workshop for multiple students in person. Contact me for schedule, details and pricing. Virtual options are also available.

More questions? Contact me.

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