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Learn how to translate your study abroad experience for future employers, connect with global professionals and show off your skills.

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This course is only available for US students who are studying or have studied abroad. If you are an international student looking for career classes please visit the main classes page

This two-part, virtual course is designed to help you articulate your study abroad experience, build a strong network, and prepare for the job search. This is a highly customized class designed specifically for students who study abroad and aim to work in a career with a global component.

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Translate your study abroad experience into a narrative that employers understand
  • Identify jobs that match your global skill set
  • Conduct informational interviews with target global organizations
  • Strategically network online using tools like LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Plan your next global career step

This class has three parts: Framework, Assignment and Plan

Session 1 (120 minutes): Framework

If you are currently studying abroad, this class can take place during your study abroad experience. 

  • Define career goals and skill set
  • Translate study abroad experience into a tangible skill set for employers
  • Learn how to tell your story and pitch your global experience to employers
  • Learn networking techniques online and offline
  • Learn informational interviewing techniques
  • Learn how to build an international network
  • Learn how to identify companies or organizations that fit your global career goals

Student Assignment

  • Complete a LinkedIn profile
  • Identify your five dream jobs
  • Conduct two informational interviews

Session 2 (90 minutes): Plan  

  • Review informational interview results
  • Review LinkedIn profile
  • Refine global experience pitch
  • Review dream jobs to find common traits and determine skill gap
  • Develop networking and job search plan
  • Discuss next steps: international internships, teaching abroad, working in international education, graduate school abroad or working abroad
  • Additional resources and templates shared via Google doc

Course also covers

  • Digital privacy during the job search
  • How to talk to employers at career fairs
  • Integrating LinkedIn and Twitter into the job search

Course support

  • Two personalized Skype or Google Hangout sessions
  • Two Q&A support emails during informational interview project
  • Followup Q&A emails one month after course completion

Class Price


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