mingle: (min·gle)
to move freely around a place or at a social function, associating with others

For the past ten years I’ve worked with international students. As an international graduate student in Denmark in 2006, I taught writing to students and coached friends on their presentation skills. They cooked delicious meals for me in return. It was an ideal exchange.

Sadly meals don’t pay the bills. Luckily after graduate school a startup discovered me on Twitter and hired me for my international education expertise, no awkward cover letter needed. While living the virtual startup life, I persuaded universities across North America to use our international student recruiting platform. I solved digital marketing problems like a boss.

The startup failed but I translated my experience of “doing all the international communication things” into a sweet job helping students study abroad at the Foster School of Business. There I discovered that international students rarely get the tailored career services help they need to succeed in their job search. So on the sly I started helping international MBA students understand the nuances of American-style networking and the job search.

Out of that position I launched International Mingler in early 2014 to help international students access a virtual career coach who can help them at any stage of their job search, no matter their location or degree program. LinkedIn profile reviews, interview skills, American-style networking coaching – think of me as your cultural ambassador to the US job search.

In 2014 a position opened at Yale School of Management to help international MBA students navigate their global careers. I ignored it but my mom encouraged me to apply. Like all moms, her advice was on point; I was hired. Now I add insights from my experience working with international MBA students and global employers daily to my virtual career coaching on International Mingler.

International education is my passion. In what other profession do you get cross-cultural mishaps, perspectives that challenge the American way, and language learning by Facebook updates?

For more about my professional experience, connect with me on Linkedin. Send a personalized message because otherwise you’re just a rando from the Internet. 🙂 

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