6 ways to make networking less awkward at NAFSA

6 ways to make networking less awkward at NAFSA

We all know networking is key to getting things we want – new jobs, new ideas, new partnerships. Yet when I ask students or colleagues about their networking efforts their answers fall somewhere between “networking is so awkward” or “OMG I hate it.”

Networking at its simplest is about conversations. Talking to strangers can feel awkward, no doubt. But your willingness to push through the awkwardness, engage strangers and actively listen opens the door to potential. And with a bit of preparation, a few opening lines and a dash of bravery, anyone can be a conversationalist. You never know where a conversation might lead. It may be a hint about a unadvertised job opening. Or an invite to a coffee chat about your new idea. They can lead to insightful career advice. Or maybe even a fantastic travel tip.

So here are six ways ways to network at NAFSA 2015. Use the opening lines to get those conversations started.

Find Your People

The key to good conversations is finding commonality with other people. NAFSA is huge but they make it extremely easy to find your people through the Knowledge Communities and Member Interest Groups. Look through the list before you attend. Find a meeting with your people. Show up, find the host, and introduce yourself.

Opening line: “I didn’t know this group existed. How long have you been part of it?”

Ask All the Questions

Fun fact: plenty of people love talking about themselves. The trick is to get them started talking. This is the best tip for introverts and non-native English speakers. Approach a group of people like you are a cultural anthropologist and learn about them. When they’ve answered your questions, ask follow up questions. Let them do the talking until they ask about you.

Opening line: “All this talk of study abroad reminds me I need to take a vacation. Where do you want to go this year?” Or try any of these awesome conversation starting questions.

Chat up the Presenters

Post-presentation chats are the perfect opportunity to connect on a topic you’re interested in. I love the questions and ideas that audience members ask after a presentation. As a presenter I’m always willing to share more because I can’t fit everything I want to say into a presentation. So say hello to the presenters and ask them a question about their work.

Opening line: “I really enjoyed your talk and learning (summarize what you learned). I was curious about how you (what do you want to know?)”

Treat the Expo Hall as a Career Center

The Expo Hall is where to find out what’s hot in international education. Go beyond the free stuff and engage the representatives. Ask them what attracted them to their company and what skills they look for in potential hires. Ask them what the most innovative new program or idea they’ve seen in international education. Use the expo hall as a place to get up to speed on what’s new in the industry and to find out where you might fit in, now or in the future.

Opening lines:

“How did you get your job at this company?”
“What do you like most about working for this company?”

Go to the Parties, Seriously

NAFSA is full of learning opportunities and professional decision-making but don’t forget the fun. You’ll be mingling with a fabulously interesting group of globally curious people who love language and travel. Pick an after party and join in the revelry. You’ll probably make a friend or maybe even a future work colleague.

Opening line: “Have you ever been to (country sponsoring the party)? I would love to go!”

Jump on the #NAFSA15 Hashtag

It’s no secret that the #NAFSA15 hashtag is the online party happening all throughout the conference. Share photos of speakers or exhibitors that you’re excited about. Tweet or retweet the people that you’re interested in. Job seekers: Use Twitter to tell people you are a job searching and show what you’re learning at NAFSA. Put your LinkedIn profile in your twitter bio so people can learn more about you.

Opening tweet: @(person of interest) I’m very interested in the work you are doing. Are you free to meet up today? #NAFSA15.
Need more tips? I’ll show you how to make networking less awkward so you can mingle throughout the NAFSA conference. Join me at the renamed-by-NAFSA-but-I’m-still-calling-it  Networking without Pants on Tuesday, May 26, 9:00am.

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